Learn the exact process I use to consistently close 50-100 deals a month in my wholesaling business...

Without ever having to leave my house, walk a property, or hire a massive team.

If You Struggle To Close 1, 3, or 5 Deals A Month: 
This Is For You.

In this free 5-day challenge I'm going to break down my 5-Hour Flip Method that allows me to close deals anywhere in the country with only 5 hours of work without ever having to:

  • Leave my house 
  • Spend a dollar on advertising
  • Waste time building a buyer's list

What You're Going To Learn

The Gross Mindset

You need to adopt this, so you'll never worry about a deal falling through again
(I promise no one else is teaching this).

The Keep It Stupid Simple 7-Step System

I use this system to continuously bring in new deals, month after month, FOR FREE without driving for dollars, putting up bandit signs, or cold calling outdated and expensive lists.

The Best Place To Find Unlimited Sellers

You can find these sellers for free, without people thinking you're a scammer, or trying to rip anyone off. 

The 5 parts To a conversation

This will help you get an extra $5-10k out of each deal, even if you're terrible at sales.

This 5-day challenge is your opportunity to finally scale your wholesaling career and close more deals in a single month than you did LAST YEAR.

It all starts on October 18th, 2020.

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FREE: 5-Day 5 Seller Challenge

Starts on October 18th, 2020

About Bryce McKinley

Bryce McKinley  //  Educator

I have been globally recognized as one of The Top 5 Sales Trainer & Independent Business Consultant, In The World!

Working with businesses including but not limited to, Fortune 500 Companies such as Ford, Nissan, Tyco, and ADT.

I have been selling since I was eight years old, and training Sales Professionals for over 20 years!

This has allowed me to become a Master Closer and Negotiator! Most recently, I have taken these abilities into real estate, where our team has had over 7000 homes Bought and/or Sold COMPLETELY VIRTUAL.

As CEO of S.H.A.R.P.E.N., a nonprofit in which we help and serve the less fortunate, we are changing the world one life at a time! 

Bryce McKinley

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