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“I got my first lead within 24 hours and had closed my first deal within a week. If you are on the fence, don’t be. The risk to reward is simply astronomical.”
Patrick Feinstein
"Bryce and Kyle showed me that I didn’t have to do it all on my own, that I could build a team, and we could grow from 10 to 20 to 30 deals a month"
Joe Mastriona
“In less than 10 days, I was able to get 20 hot and motivated leads, and 3 property deals under contract! I am so honored to be working with Bryce and Kyle”
Kevin Zimmerman
“Pretty much after 7 days, I had 2 houses under contract and one was already assigned to a buyer."
Nicole Maio
“I followed everything Bryce said to do, I took notes, I closed 2 contracts in 1 hour! That’s my REI Result!”
Scott Schufford
"I listened to Bryce and Kyle and posted in 11 different places. Got an answer on Day 3 and I have my first contract today."
Louann Cohn
“As soon as I put my self doubt and the fears that I had aside and just really went for it, and leaving my 9 to 5 help that, I've been able to get two houses under contract in a little over a month”
Ashley Lynne
“For the 1st quarter of 2021, we're averaging about $85,00 a month. With my first flip, we made a gross profit of $104,000. It was a big learning experience and a lot of those sales conversations I learned in REI Results Academy.”
McKlane Bobbit
“I started working with Bryce and Kyle in the REI Results Academy Inner Circle and it's been an amazing experience. I've been able to grow my business from being scared of calling a person to having deals under my belt.”
Eduardo Chavira
“I've been full time for one week only. The REI Results I've got were 3 contracts from Wednesday to Wednesday. It was so fascinating.”
Orlando Diaz
“After the 5-Day Challenge, I joined the REI Results Inner Circle. It all started from there. Through this community, I've made a lot of friends and business partners. I'm literally about to merge businesses. We have two deals closing today and we have more in the pipeline.”
Derya Sonel
“Being with the Inner Circle, I've got a lot more support and confidence. Personally, I don't know how Bryce and Kyle find all the time to share with the group. It's a very comfortable setting where you can open up, share your thoughts and get the input back.”
Earl Valinsky