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When it comes to real estate investing, REI Results Academy is your most valuable resource in the space. With over 8,000 successful deals in 8 years, you won’t find a team that’s more well-versed in the art of closing the deal.

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With hundreds of successful students and a world-class team on your side, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place to learn and grow. Find out why we have such a high success rate!

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Unlike other instructors or coaches in the space today, the REI Results Academy team is there to support you through the process. No topic is off limits for our students.

Proven Track Record

One of the only educational platforms and training programs on the market today boasting a 100% success rate, we know how to deliver what we promise.

Bryce McKinley

Founder, REI Results

Bryce McKinley is an International Best-Selling Author and one of the Top 5 Sales Trainers in The World!

With over 20 years of working with various Fortune 500 companies including but not limited to the likes of Ford, Nissan, Tyco, and ADT. Helping each of them transform their sales process to focus on better conversations and building better relationships.

Bryce stumbled onto wholesaling real estate and figured out how to use what he knew about sales to generate leads and start closing deals his first month.

What’s more impressive is he didn’t spend a dime on advertising and did it all from his local library and the back seat of his car.

Over 8,000 transactions in Real estate later Bryce is one of the leading experts in wholesaling houses with his 5 Hour Flip method and has been able to close almost every deal over the phone, only ever walking 5 properties.

Bryce is also a co-owner of EveryHouse, a real estate company focused on providing the best deals for sellers’ homes. 

Kyle Klemmer

Partner, REI Results; Owner Of EveryHouse

Kyle is a master at networking and building relationships, a skill he has honed and perfected after spending a decade running multi-million dollar retail stores developing top talent and systemizing stores.
He’s since turned his sights on the real estate world while keeping his corporate background in mind. Kyle’s unique ability to spot inefficiencies and streamline processes makes him a wizard at taking any business to the next level.

Now he’s teamed up with Bryce to take one of the largest wholesaling companies in the United States to the next level and bringing everyone he can along with him. There’s a 110% chance he can change your life.

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